TDSmaker provides you to create and manage technical contents to help your customers with the better understanding of your product and also helps your sales&marketing team to present the product. If you like to see how your content is performing, how exactly it can be improved, and how it will strengthen your communication with your customers? We show you how it all works below. 

Tip: You can invite people who support you to design or manage company branding and get help for this step.

Get started with layout and page settings

The first step is to adjust layout type. Click to "Page" from menu on the right-hand side and select one of the layout design from "Layout" section. You can change selected layout later.

"Background", "Header" and "Footer" settings in "Page" section on the menu help you to enrich your template design.

Create rich template by using colors, icons, images

TDSmaker's menu and elements are easy to use — just click 'Content' from the menu on the right-hand side to design or to add input element. Just drag and drop:

  • static text, 
  • images
  • icons
  • table
  • box

for adding to the page. 

Design constant fields in the datasheets. This section is used for elements will not be changed while creating datasheets. Examples for design elements:

  • Logo
  • Header elements
  • Footer elements
  • Fixed titles
  • Address info

Design data entry fields for the user who create datasheets.

Please use these elements to create dynamic fields for users to write text, select any item from the list or add an image or icon to a datasheet.

Note: Just click on the text box to format your text - you can make it bold, italic or change color, font type, font size, alignment etc. by using the text editor on the top of the page. The text editor will be active when you click any text box.

Make easier to create data sheet by using dynamic fields

Documentation components like version no, publish date or page number, is used to track changes and continue to be relevant. You can pass this work to TDSmaker by using "Dynamic Field". 

Let's have a look at the quick video about template design.

What's the next?

  • Learn whether you should use table and other design elements
  • Decide whether to input and design elements
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