Don't waste your time more with Microsoft Office programs (word, excel..), you don't have time for converting them to PDF and manage all these files, right? You'll only get your data sheets as PDF files. So you don't have to care about keeping more folders up to date and manage them.

TDSmaker has 2 main feature-page; Template (design) and Datasheet (creation). Template design is the toughest process and probably you've jumped it if you're reading this article. Creating data sheet is easier than template part and we hope you'll like it. 

Generating data sheet process steps are; 

  • Create new data sheet file
  • Fill in the blank
  • Upload required product images or icons if there is
  • Select the items if there is
  • Save and publish it

We like to help you with videos and think that it's the most effective way to explain features in detail. So, here is your video about creating data sheet.

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