Images and other visual elements affect readers' visual memory and contribute to creating catchy data sheets. Quickly draw your readers in with a product image or any technical graphics—anything that will get them wanting to keep on reading to find out more details about the product. So, we strongly recommend our users to prefer using the visual elements while designing template. 

Open template page and click Inputs section to use image holder element. Image holder gives you chance to upload images while creating data sheets. 

Trick: Differently from Image element in Design section, Image Holder in Input section appears in data sheet page and enable to upload an image which is special to the product.

You must use Image Holder in Input section instead of Image element in Design elements if the images in your data sheets change depends on products.

Adjustment of the image holders' size, border, alignment, margin is shown on screenshot below:

After you set an image holder, you should publish the template to upload an image on data sheet page. Here is a short video for a quick look to using of image holder.

If you still need more information, please connect us from in-app chat. 

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