Product data sheets and their templates are living documents which are changed according to product revisions or branding issues. So, templates will need to be edited like data sheets beside data sheets. Template Settings field provides you to change basic settings like language option or template name. 

What you can do by using Template/Settings section:

  • Change template name
  • Add or remove data sheet and template language
  • Adjust product number option - obligatory or not, unique or not
  • Enable or disenable startup version number

Actually, all fields listed below are defined during creating template steps. But after a while, some changes are needed. We thought that the best way to show you how can adjust or change template settings is recording a How-to video:

When you edit template name, the new name will be activated after saving and changes will appear on left side of the page. Like template name, changes on other fields can be activated after saving process. On the data sheet side, all changes can be enabled when you publish your template. 

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