KOBE Polyurethane is a chemical company that has met with TDSmaker in 2016. They used to struggle with creating and managing data sheets but since then, things have started going well inside and out with the help of TDSmaker. One of the major problems they were facing was reaching to data sheets at the right time.

    "One of the biggest problems we had before TDSmaker was,        our sales persons used to have difficulties with getting data sheets the moment they needed."

Yağmur Çavuşoğlu, KOBE Polyurethane

With TDSmaker mobile application, KOBE Polyurethane's salespersons are now able to reach their data sheets where ever, whenever they need without the need of preparation to make sure data sheets are ready before customers visits. TDSmaker not only helps save time but also helps save costs of data sheets to KOBE Polyurethane.

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